Lighting Renovations with Valley Home Lighting

September 23, 2016

home lighting renovationsRecently, I’ve been thinking about the first post I made on this blog about Rug & Home. The Labor Day sale served as the first step in even more home renovations, so I wanted to post something like a follow-up to that post. In my home, despite a newly furnished living room, I wasn’t satisfied with its appearance. I eventually realized it was due to some stark and bland ceiling lights. Being the oh-so-savvy consumer I am, I took to the web to find a place to make some lighting renovations. The company that I landed on is called Valley Lighting, which is a good place to order home lighting online.

What drew me to the site was their wide selection. If you can think of a room or style of lighting to put in your home, odds are they have it. I was personally looking into ceiling light fixtures for my living room, but they have a great number of bathroom and kitchen lights. Not only that, they have a good selection for outdoor pieces as well. I’m especially interested in those, because my little backyard is next on my to-decorate list.

Of course, within those categories are a good selection of styles, ranging from basic to ornate. I found myself perusing their chandelier section for a long while, even though I wasn’t looking for something very over-the-top. At the beginning of my search, I wasn’t very sure where to start, but I was actually able to contact customer service and get advice that helped with my specific situation.

Ultimately, I was satisfied with my order, and the next time I need to make some lighting renovations, I’ll check out Valley Lighting.

If you’re looking to go lavish with a beautiful chandelier for your home lighting, here’s a video I liked that has some really fascinating examples: