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Trade Old Devices with GoodCellas

September 25, 2016

trade old devicesNow that the iPhone 7 is upon us, you might be looking to upgrade. Consider your ability to trade in old devices and get cash back instead of throwing away. If you’re not going to do business through your cell carrier, I recommend you trade old devices in at a company called GoodCellas. I recently used their service to sell iPad online, but if you have an old phone laying around, that works too.

Naturally, the hot item right now is the 7, but like everything else in the tech world, it too will become a thing of the past. Resellers like GoodCellas are incredibly useful for keeping up with trends while still keeping the process somewhat more affordable. Buying and selling used products are going to save you hundreds of dollars with every upgrade, especially if you’re not obsessed with staying on the bleeding edge of technology.

There’s certainly a lot to be excited about with all the phone and tablet improvements that are happening today, but it can be tough to warrant big purchases like this. When you’re spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year on devices for your and/or your family, the ability to trade old devices becomes a point of welcome relief.

I like the GoodCellas service because, although the process can sometimes feel a little involved, they do a good job in making the buying and selling steps as easy to follow as possible. Essentially, you and the company both take steps and precautions to ensure that both sides get exactly what they’re asking for. Reselling devices like this ultimately saves you money without too much hassle, especially compared to the experience of trying to get a decent deal directly with your cell carrier.

If you’re still specifically interested in the iPhone 7, then you should check out its new features before you go out and buy it:

Lighting Renovations with Valley Home Lighting

September 23, 2016

home lighting renovationsRecently, I’ve been thinking about the first post I made on this blog about Rug & Home. The Labor Day sale served as the first step in even more home renovations, so I wanted to post something like a follow-up to that post. In my home, despite a newly furnished living room, I wasn’t satisfied with its appearance. I eventually realized it was due to some stark and bland ceiling lights. Being the oh-so-savvy consumer I am, I took to the web to find a place to make some lighting renovations. The company that I landed on is called Valley Lighting, which is a good place to order home lighting online.

What drew me to the site was their wide selection. If you can think of a room or style of lighting to put in your home, odds are they have it. I was personally looking into ceiling light fixtures for my living room, but they have a great number of bathroom and kitchen lights. Not only that, they have a good selection for outdoor pieces as well. I’m especially interested in those, because my little backyard is next on my to-decorate list.

Of course, within those categories are a good selection of styles, ranging from basic to ornate. I found myself perusing their chandelier section for a long while, even though I wasn’t looking for something very over-the-top. At the beginning of my search, I wasn’t very sure where to start, but I was actually able to contact customer service and get advice that helped with my specific situation.

Ultimately, I was satisfied with my order, and the next time I need to make some lighting renovations, I’ll check out Valley Lighting.

If you’re looking to go lavish with a beautiful chandelier for your home lighting, here’s a video I liked that has some really fascinating examples:

HVAC Maintenance for your Business

September 7, 2016

hvac maintenanceWhen I’m not blogging here, I work in a fairly standard office building. You know, cubicles, rolling chairs and whatnot. One issue that’s been raised in the office is the spotty effectiveness of our building’s HVAC system. In other words, we’ve had issues in the past with the heat in our building during the winter months. With fall (and subsequently winter) rapidly approaching, I’ve been looking into ways to get our system fixed, and came across a number of companies that do this sort of HVAC maintenance.

Of course, I only needed to recommend one place to our building’s manager. I chose a NY Mechanical HVAC Services company called the BP Group. In addition to general installation needs, they offer regular maintenance and tune-ups, which keeps our HVAC system from breaking down in the first place. With the Bp Group involved, our office shouldn’t have to worry about heating failures at the worst possible times.

I strongly recommend, that if you’re in charge of a commercial space, you go out and make sure your HVAC system is prepared for winter and any seasonal adjustments that might need to be made. The longer something like this goes unchecked, the higher chance there is that you’ll be faced with a larger problem down the road.

I recommend the BP Group if you’re situated in New York or nearby, but if not, there are plenty of options for commercial HVAC maintenance companies out there that might work better for you.

I’m going to wrap up this post with a video of some things to look out for in your HVAC system at home. Even if you’re not managing a corporate space, you should at the very least follow similar principles for your own home.