Want to learn to Belly Dance?

Have you ever wanted to take a class just for fun? Maybe you don’t have the time in your schedule to attend. Belly Dance for Beginners DVD lets you learn a new fun dance and get some exercise all in one and from the comfort of your own home.

Belly dancing is a fun way to drop a few pounds, feel good about yourself and try something new. It is safe for all body types and fitness levels. The instruction is given by a professional belly dancer named Leila.

If you never thought that you could move that way, now you can. The first section of the DVD shows the fundamentals of belly dancing. Learn how to hold your body and move your arms. Moving your hips as they do is not easy but you can practice to get the hang of it. When you are ready, the next section introduces you to some basic belly dance movements. The last section moves you up to performing routines.

The instruction is easy to follow and can be viewed as often as you like until you are able to progress to the next level. With each session your confidence will increase as well as your technique.

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